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Trinity Montessori School has four fully-equipped, bright, and spacious Montessori Casa classrooms for ages 2.5 to 6 years.  Each classroom has a Montessori-certified Head Teacher, as well as a qualified Assistant Teacher.

The Montessori Casa curriculum areas are summarized below. For in-depth information about the Montessori approach, please read our Montessori page.

Casa Curriculum (ages 2.5 to 6 years)

Practical Life

The Casa child works to develop his or her motor skills through exercises aimed at teaching the child to take care of himself or herself, other classmates, and the environment.  Often the hand is used in such a way as to prepare the child for writing.


The Casa child explores opportunities and materials, which refine the discriminating abilities of the senses.  Sensorial exercises are seen as an indirect preparation of the child for mathematics and language arts.


The Casa child has numerous opportunities in the Montessori classroom to enrich his or her budding oral language skills.  Also, a phonetic approach is utilized to develop their reading and writing abilities.


The Casa child blossoms in the wonderful world of mathematics.  A top priority at our school, we ensure the children have a solid understanding of, and concrete experience with, number concepts and operations. This is accomplished through the use of Montessori materials, developed exclusively for these purposes.


The Casa child benefits from our unique French program. With daily classes, our qualified French teacher brings life to the language with gestures, songs, rhymes, and games.

Cultural Subjects

The Casa child is provided a broad perspective of the world with lessons in biology, general science, geography, history, art, and music.


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