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Established 1999


Trinity Montessori School moved the Elementary program into our second building at 9221 Woodbine Ave., adjacent to our main campus, in 2007.  This lovely heritage-style building has been updated to ensure our students have a delightful and inspiring class space.

Our elementary teaching staff guides their blossoming minds, using their expertise as either Montessori-trained teachers or as Ontario certified teachers.

Most of our elementary students have been at Trinity Montessori School since their days in the Casa program.  However, we do accept student without a Montessori background and can discuss arrangements with parents.

Elementary Curriculum (Grades 1 to 6)


The elementary student broadens his or her skills in the language arts in a number of varied ways.  Exercises in grammar, spelling, word study, handwriting, and creative writing thoroughly prepare the student for reading and self-expression at a higher level, and further learning in every other subject.


The elementary student build upon the foundation in numerics that was laid at the Casa level.  Continuing to use Montessori materials, more complex mathematical ideas are grasped, practiced and mastered.  Ultimately, the student gains a solid understanding of an abstract concept.


The elementary student continues to develop fluency in Canada's other official language.  Confidence from their enhanced communication skills affect other areas of study positively.

Cultural Subjects

The elementary student continues to add to the knowledge based that they had built in the Casa program

  • Science - The students explore physics, botany, and zoology by experiment, plant dissection and animal kingdom studies, respectively.  They gain a healthy respect for the part that humans plan in the interconnected and diverse living world.
  • Geography - As is the Montessori way, we begin broadly, with a study of the universe, solar system, and the different aspect of the planet Earth.
  • History - We begin with the broadest view, and study the four major Montessori timelines:  Life, Humankind I, Humankind II, and The Progress of Civilizations.

Montessori Model United Nations Peel Music Festival
Montessori Model United Nations Peel Music Festival
Phys. Ed. Program Ottawa Trip
Physical Education Program Ottawa Trip
Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts Sports Day
Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts Sports Day
Skating Lessons French Day
Skating Lessons French Day


Upcoming Open House

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